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Build a world-class team.

Recruiting is art and science. Use data to discover what truly separates top performers. Replicate best practices across the team and onboard new recruiters faster.

Amass candidate intelligence.

Conversations uncover information you’ll never find on a resume. Capture every word to fill the gaps in your ATS. Build a gold mine so you never start a search from scratch again.

Align everyone for speed.

Never let a missed word become a miscue. Capture the nuances behind the “need to haves” for every open role. Communicate candidate qualifications with perfect fidelity.

Treat candidates like VIPs.

Put down the pen and have more meaningful conversations. Flag the highlights and follow-ups that help you build deep and lasting relationships.

Achieve total recall.

Never say “who was that again?” again. Have the most important details at your fingertips when presenting, calibrating, and closing candidates.

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