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Customer love.

“Brighthire has been a game changer. I'm obsessed with it.”
Dawn F.
Director of Sourcing, DRE
“This product has completely changed the way I conduct interviews.”
Brian T.
Head of Recruiting, Enigma
“After two calls I thought, this is wonderful.”
Megan F.
Talent Manager, Hunt Club
“It’s an essential resource, if we removed it we’d have a mutiny on our team.”
Cody H.
Managing Director, DRE
“One of the best tools I've used as a recruiter.”
Dylan M.
Recruiter, Chainalysis

The only conversation intelligence platform built for recruiting.

Innovative teams are using BrightHire to level up their execution from intake to close.

Build a world-class team.

Recruiting is art and science. Tap conversations
and data to discover what truly separates top
performers. Replicate best practices to build
an all-star team, onboard new recruiters faster.

Treat candidates like VIPs.

Put down the pen and have more meaningful
conversations. Flag the highlights and follow-ups
that help you build deep and lasting relationships.

Equip everyone for speed.

Capture all critical info with 100% accuracy, no
missing details, miscues or having to circle back.
Put the important details at your fingertips when
presenting, calibrating, and closing candidates.

Amass candidate intelligence.

Conversations uncover info you’ll never find on
a resume. Capture every word to gather hard
evidence, fill the gaps in your ATS, and build a
gold mine to never start a search from scratch.

Achieve total recall.

Never say “who was that again?” again.
Resurface past prospects for new roles by
searching into every discussion, re-engage
with full context and real substance.

Getting excited?

Learn how to tap every conversation to
help your team perform at the next level


Give your team new super powers.

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