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Deliver transformative impact.

66% shorter recruiter ramp

40% reduction in cost per hire

10% reduction in time to hire

17% reduction in screens per hire

Bring quality, evidence and insight into interviewing.

Raising the quality of every interview in real-time

Instantly improve the quality of every hiring conversation. Equip recruiters and interviewers with an Interview Assistant to guide the conversation and capture key highlights, all in real time.

Real evidence for more rigorous and inclusive hiring

Assess candidates based on their merits, not your memories. Quickly pull up Candidate Highlights to recall key details, revise initial impressions, and replace implicit bias with explicit evidence.

A completely new level of teamwork and alignment

Avoid the inefficiency and indecision that paralizes hiring teams and slows searches. Bring seamless collaboration into existing workflows to help recruiters and hiring teams work better together – even when they’re apart.

Transformational insight to improve hiring outcomes

Open up the black box so you’re not relying on anecdotes to understand your hiring formula. Tap into Interview Search, Analytics, and Alerts to make data-driven improvements that predictably produces better hires.

BrightHire has been instrumental to our hiring strategy.

Kulesh Shanmugasundaram

Chief Technology Officer at Angi