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The First Platform Built for the Human Side of Recruiting.

Conversations drive outcomes. We’ve made it possible to easily capture, analyze and perfect them at scale, forever raising the bar for recruiting excellence.

Goodbye old way.  Hello BrightHire.

Better Conversations, Every Time

Seamless Capture

Conversations are seamlessly recorded and transcribed whether phone, VoIP or video.

Sharpened Focus

No more furious note taking, the focus is fully on engaging effectively for great results.

Built-in Best Practices

Interview Assistant puts 
call guides front and center 
for consistent excellence.

Superpowers for Your Team

Perfect Recall

Full recordings synced to interactive transcripts to never miss a key moment or signal.

Instant Context

Hear key highlights in a few clicks with time-stamped notes, annotations and auto-tags.

Total Alignment

Collaborate by sharing calls and highlights, leave and get instant feedback to run faster.

Unheard-of Search

Search every call and candidate down to the phrase to find and re-engage hidden gems.

Complete Visibility

Critical Insights

Lead with profoundly more visibility, replace the black box with game tape and hard data.

Rapid Coaching

Surface coaching moments in seconds to spread excellence, uplevel a team in 1 hour / week.

Faster Ramping

Get everyone to great faster,
let them shadow the best 24/7 and learn from each other.

“Brighthire enabled me to upskill my team in record time.”

Hannah S., Director of Talent Acquisition, Chainalysis

Lightweight & Seamless

Up and running in a day and works seamlessly with your existing toolkit.

Don’t see a tool you use? Just ask.

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