Speed & Efficiency

Hire faster without sacrificing quality.

Make great hires in record time by shortening feedback loops with interview intelligence, removing unnecessary interviews, and eliminating costly misalignment across your hiring teams.

BrightHire speeds up time-to-hire, streamlining ineffeciencies and fixing misalignment from the first phone screen to offer acceptance.

Save time on candidate write-ups

We post notes from interviews to the ATS automatically and give everyone substance that makes it easier to submit great feedback. Recruiters that run 5+ screens per day report BrightHire saves them up to an hour every day.

Stop chasing interview feedback

Immediately after every interview recruiters and hiring managers can see scores and quickly review what happened, giving everyone clear direction to move the process forward.

Shorten hiring loops and remove bottlenecks

Interviews can be reviewed asynchronously in our interview intelligence platform, transforming time-to-hire by eliminating the need to coordinate around busy decision-makers or add more interviewers to a loop.

Avoid hours spent with the wrong candidates

By bringing structure, consistency, and asynchronous visibility into the process, we get teams aligned on what great looks like, avoiding huge time investments with the wrong candidates.

Tackle the biggest driver of inefficiency: indecision

A Gartner study found the biggest driver of extended time to hire is indecision. With more substantive interviews and robust evidence we help hiring managers decide confidently.