Equitable Hiring

Reduce bias where
it matters most.

Reduce bias where it matters most: in every interview and hiring decision. We make it possible to scale structured, consistent and evidence-based hiring for a fundamentally more equitable process.

Ensure every candidate gets the opportunity they deserve by bringing structure, evidence and insight seamlessly into your process.

Put structure and consistency in every single interview

Our Interview Assistant makes interviews immediately more structured and consistent by putting the right questions front and center in real-time. Interviewers are always prepared with the roadmap for an effective conversation, and candidates get a vastly better interview experience.

Make hiring decisions based on real evidence, not recollections

Full highlights from every interview provide the real evidence that is essential for reducing bias, grounding every hiring decision in facts, not feelings. Interviewers and hiring teams can quickly recall real moments to mitigate initial impressions, triangulate perspectives, and check each other’s blind spots.

Use new insight into your hiring practices to drive important change

Profound new insight into hiring practices equips you to drive continuous and systematic excellence. We put new data at your fingertips to understand and address critical questions like how consistently candidates are being assessed or why conversion rates might be lower among certain groups of applicants.

Deliver automated interviewer coaching to scale excellence

BrightHire automatically delivers personalized feedback to every interviewer about how they’re running conversations, so even resource-strapped teams can scale sound interviewing practices across the organization.