• 250+

    people hired

  • 15%

    decrease in time-to-hire




Company Stage

Series E



Company Size

400 employees


Blockchain SaaS

Chainalysis is the blockchain data platform that helps government agencies, cryptocurrency businesses, and financial institutions track and investigate illicit activity on the blockchain, allowing them to engage confidently with cryptocurrency.


Chainalysis is a unicorn valued at $4.2B after raising three $100M funding rounds in 2021. Over the past year, the company needed to hire more than 250 people to keep up with its amazing growth.

The challenge for Hannah Spellmeyer, Director of Global Talent Acquisition, was to scale hiring across the organization while maintaining a high bar for incoming talent, increasing diversity, and enabling a growing talent team. Given the volume, it became impossible for their talent acquisition team and hiring managers to rely on memory and scorecards to make good hiring decisions.


Chainalysis turned to BrightHire to assist their recruiting team. Initially, Hannah used the platform to help coach recruiting coordinators as they transitioned to become recruiters. Coordinators listened to great interviews from other recruiters and reviewed their own conversations to improve their approach. As her recruiting team scaled to more than 20 people across the US, EMEA, and APAC, BrightHire was also instrumental in onboarding new recruiters.

After seeing success in the recruiting team, Chainalysis rolled out BrightHire across the entire company. Using BrightHire, teams highlighted top answers, became better aligned on what constituted a great candidate, and diagnosed issues like redundant interview topics that were slowing down the interview process and compromising the candidate experience. Recruiters, Hiring Managers, and Executive Leaders were able to review candidate calls to share feedback and ensure the right candidates advanced quickly. Chainalysis used BrightHire to conduct around 300 interviews a week and in turn hired more than 250 people.


When hiring managers align quickly with well-trained recruiters, candidates move through the funnel faster. In less than a year, Chainalysis decreased its time-to-hire by 15%, with candidates moving from application to offer in 31 days on average instead of 36 days.

“BrightHire helped us scale without making mistakes. It’s impossible to remember everything, and the ability to go back, and look at things and address issues, means we can hire quickly.”

Hannah Barfield Spellmeyer

Director of Global Talent
Acquisition, Chainalysis

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