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BrightHire effortlessly records and transcribes interviews, transforming the way teams rally around hiring.

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Take interviews out of the black box

BrightHire brings visibility into the heart of the hiring process – interviews, so your team can make evidence-based hiring decisions and collaborate in unprecedented ways as you chart your company’s future.

  • 40%

    reduction in cost per hire

  • 66%

    shorter recruiter ramp

  • 15%

    reduction in time to hire

  • 17%

    reduction in screens per hire

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The transformative impact of Interview Intelligence

Get new insights and stop relying on fuzzy memories and choppy notes, so you can make better, faster, more equitable hiring decisions.

“BrightHire offers the most compelling technology I’ve ever seen for making better hiring decisions.”

Adam Grant

Organizational psychologist, Wharton professor, host of WorkLife podcast with TED, New York Times bestselling author

200-500 Employees

“I can’t live without BrightHire. It’s a game changer for recruiter onboarding and overall decision making.”

500-1000 Employees

“BrightHire has been instrumental to our hiring strategy, ensuring we are evaluating every candidate on consistent criteria and in their own words.”

100-200 Employees

“I am a huge fan! It’s great to finally have a tool that can advocate for candidates.”

100-200 Employees

“BrightHire has single-handendly elevated my company’s recruiting effectiveness and efficiency.”